MHW Earthquake Nepal April 2015

Yesterday, the first MHW team reached Kathmandu at 23:00. The second team from the MHW is on its way to Kathmandu. The third team is waiting for his bet.

The MHW prepares a major aid transport, which is deployed from Frankfurt and flies with the third team to Kathmandu. MHW will support hospitals and orphanages on the spot. There are many injured children and many homeless people.

Please help, thank you.

Help Children Foundation

Deutsche Bank München
Projekt: Nepal 2015
IBAN DE26 7007 0010 0300 4033 00

A medical team of doctors and rescue assistants of the MHW, a total of 12 men, have flown to Nepal. The flight is paid by Thai Airways. The flight went directly to Kathmandu.

A financial support is urgently needed for this relief effort. As an emergency aid, 40,000 euros are needed for a longer deployment.

Many parts of the country are not yet available and the MHW team has to improvise to get there. The MHW needs your help, because the extent of the disaster is great! The Help Children Foundation provides financial support. We ask everyone to help the poor people who have been overwhelmed by this natural catastrophe. Thank you.

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