Senegal Nov. 2023: Visit to the center of Perspektive Senegal

In November 2023, Lea Fall once again visited the Perspektive Senegal residential and training center. The center is located in Deni Biram, a small village near the capital Dakar. The former street children grow up here in a family community and can train as shoemakers, carpenters or metalworkers in the workshops.

Heinz Ulrich, the new managing director of Perspektive Senegal, was also on site and was able to give a good insight into the current situation.

Lea Fall and Heinz Ulrich

A visit to the carpentry workshop

New equipment in the metal workshop

In the cobbler’s workshop

The vegetable garden

Due to the sharp rise in prices for food and salaries, the financial requirements in 2023 were particularly high. Thanks to the financial support of the Help Children Foundation, together with other partners and donors, the increased financial requirements for food and salaries in 2023 could be covered. This made it possible to provide ongoing care for the 26 former street children.

Last year, the focus was on maintaining and renovating the facilities. The boys’ home, built in 2009, was partly in a pitiful state as it had never been renovated. With the financial support of the Help Children Foundation, all rooms and corridors in the boys’ dormitory were renovated so that they now shine in vibrant colors. The boys were involved in the color selection process by being allowed to choose their preferred colors.

The rooms and corridors in the boys’ dormitory shine in new colors

Exterior façade of the boys’ home

Further donations will be used to renovate the entire exterior façade and replace the faulty electrics in the coming year. The restoration of the building also symbolizes the possible inner restoration of the mentally and physically injured former street children.

Tollwood Summer 2018

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Here are some pictures from the actual booth:

Africa Days Munich

African and international musicians, dancers and restaurateurs bring a piece of Africa to Munich. Why not even ride a “desert ship” over the Theresienwiese? The Help Children Foundation has a booth at the Africa Week, which is also a charity week. It is collected for children in need: and you can also find us on Facebook.

The cultural diversity of Africa

The visitors of the African Days experience the cultural diversity of the continent on a bazaar. Here you can find colorful crafts, small furniture, masks and rare teas. With a typical African hairstyle or a dirndl made of African fabric, you can also take a piece of Africa home with you. The supporting program of the African Days includes concerts with African musicians and dancers as well as lectures and readings that inform about the continent – not only as a vacation paradise for safari trips. On the opening day the admission is free, but it is asked for donations for charitable  and relief organizations.

Africa Days Munich 2018

Tollwood Winter 2017

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Every cent of the products sold is 100% invested in HELP CHILDREN FOUNDATION’s aid projects. Please support the projects of

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