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Your donation goes 100 % into the specified projects.

All administrative expenses incurred in the Foundation, as well as project visits, advertising etc. are borne by our sponsors.

The Help Children Foundation is looking forward to donations and donations. Please inform us about your donation via our contact form. Donate money to the following account:

Help Children Foundation
Deutsche Bank of Munich
IBAN:   DE26 7007 0010 0300 4033 00

Please specify the project for which you want to donate.

Donation Receipt

Exceeding an amount of 200 EUR the German tax office requests a donation receipt, in order to be able to deduct the tax.

If you would like a donation receipt, please fill out the following form. After receiving the donation, we will send you a receipt immediately. Thank you

    We would like to point out: Unfortunately for products you order from the “Shop” section, if available, no donation receipt can be issued. This is due to terms and regulations of the German Tax Administration.  We ask you for your understanding. Thank you.

    The Help Children Foundation was founded in Germany in 2010 as a legally binding public foundation under civil law and was approved by the legal authority, Regierung von Oberbayern, on 14.12.2010 under the file number 230-1222 STA 18.

    The Help Children Foundation is managed by the Finanzamt Fürstenfeldbruck under the tax number 117/110/92473.