School in Khirbet Amoud, Syria

The school in Khirbet Amoud, Syria, which was founded by the kids to life foundation in 2017, has grown considerably. It now offers lessons for 600 children, all of whom come from war zones and are scarred by the horrors of war. The school gives them back a sense of normality, provides them with security and opens up future prospects.

It is an area that has been badly affected by the war. Just a few months ago, bombs struck near the school, which underlines the urgency and courage of this project. Aynur Gündüz puts it in a nutshell: “Besides humanitarian aid, education is the most important thing for these communities. If the children do not receive an education, the families lose hope and leave their homes. With our school, we offer stability and lay the foundation for the reconstruction of the region in the future. Thanks to the help and support of the Help Children Foundation, we can carry out the projects in a planned and safe manner. Thank you very much for that.”