Classroom on wheels for Syrian refugee children in Turkey

The first rolling classroom was launched in February 2023. The project was mainly implemented by Claus Peter Reisch – Hilfe für Menschen in Not gGmbH in cooperation with IMECE. The converted coach visits Syrian refugee children in Turkey and offers them preparation for regular school lessons. This means that around 45 children of primary school age can look forward to their daily lessons. The lessons prepare the Syrian children for admission to Turkish elementary school. In addition to a primary school teacher, there are also two teachers on board. They look after around 80 children of kindergarten and pre-school age every day. The children can develop their creativity and are introduced to learning activities in a playful way. The bus project was implemented with strong support from the Help Children Foundation.

Video of how such a bus is made

Interior design of a “rolling classroom”

Teaching in full swing

How wonderful it is when the children are eager to learn with joy!

The children live with their families in temporary camps, usually on the outskirts of a Turkish village. As most of the refugee children have never attended school and hardly speak any Turkish, they cannot make the transition to local schools without help. In prior consultation with the mayor and principal of the village, the IMECE-Bus takes on this important task. Over 50 children have already successfully started school in just a few months. They can finally go to school like all the other children and look forward to a better future in their new home.