Appeal for donations – Benefit event for Back to School – The rolling classroom

Report in the Landsberger Tagblatt: Claus-Peter Reisch – Hilfe für Menschen in Not gGmbH is organizing a charity event with Günter Grünwald on 21 March 2024 at 19:00 in the Schlossberghalle in Starnberg.
The donations will all go to the Back to School project – The rolling classroom – buses that are converted for teaching purposes for refugee and camp children who would otherwise have no opportunity to integrate into the Turkish school system.

Donations can also be made to the Help Children Foundation, which fully supports the project. On the one hand, new buses need to be equipped to reach more children, and on the other, running costs need to be covered, such as fuel costs and salaries for Turkish-Syrian teachers who can introduce the children to the Turkish school. The project looks small at first, but it can have a huge impact if the children who already attend a Turkish school then teach their families and friends, so that more and more children from camps can become ready for school. As a wise man once said: a great journey begins with one step.

And here they are: The First Steps: Donate and be part of it! Thank you!

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