Aid packages for Syrian refugee children April 2021

In April 2021, survival packages were once again distributed in refugee camps around Idlib and Aleppo in collaboration with kids to life. The packages contain basic foodstuffs and warm blankets, toys and learning materials for the children, as well as masks and hygiene products that are urgently needed in the camps.

It was once again a great pleasure for the Help Children Foundation to receive and distribute the aid so directly, even though the situation in the camps is anything but pleasant. However, the children and their families are happy about any help that is given to them.

Below are some pictures of this campaign:

A school project has also been set up and support provided for it, such as classrooms, learning materials and school equipment for teaching and the children.

It is one of the biggest problems that the children in the camps do not receive an education and thus a lost generation is being formed. This lost generation is naturally very susceptible to being used as soldiers later on, as without education they have almost no prospects for the future. This is why school education is so fundamentally important for the children.

Here are some impressions of this project: